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Shandong Borun Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. was established in October 1994. The registered place of the enterprise is Zibo High-tech Industrial Development Zone with a registered capital of 72.9 million yuan. As a national high-tech enterprise, provincial-level inspection-free enterprise, provincial-level contract and trustworthy enterprise, it has passed ISO9001 international quality system, ISO14001 environmental management system and ISO18001 international occupational health and safety management system certification. He is now a member of China General Machinery Industry Association, a member of China Mechanical Engineering Society, a member of China Industrial Anti-Corrosion Technology Association, and a member of China Coal Industry Association. Shandong Provincial Sludge Low Temperature Drying and Plasma Gasification Demonstration Engineering Technology Research Center. The company has 107 related patents.


Based on the characteristics of waste, Borun provides customers with suitable treatment solutions, including but not limited to hazardous waste plasma incineration systems, industrial VOCs waste gas treatment systems, industrial high-salt wastewater pretreatment and zero-emission solutions. And facilities. The company's plasma gasification incinerator system operates safely, stably, efficiently, with high system configuration and reliability, and can provide targeted solutions and transportation services; industrial VOCs exhaust gas treatment system uses rotary thermal storage oxidation technology (RTO /RCO), the exhaust gas decomposition efficiency of more than 99%, is currently the most effective and thorough VOCs treatment technology; industrial high-salt wastewater pre-treatment and zero-emission solutions can design zero-emission solutions according to customer water quality characteristics, reduce Wastewater treatment costs meet national environmental emission standards.

Borun Company can provide customers with BOT, financial leasing, EPC and other business models. It will provide good services to the owners in terms of safe production, energy saving and environmental protection with reasonable construction period, excellent quality, professional service and high social responsibility. And a strong guarantee.

Borun is committed to maximizing economic and social benefits for its customers through more economical and efficient innovative technologies.

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The founded of company in 1994

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