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Talent concept
The company is a ship, the talent is a sail, welcome the majority of the industry elite to join our company, and join hands in creating brilliant! The following are the latest recruitment requirements for our company. If you have a suitable position, you can submit your resume online and we will get back to you as soon as possible.。
Profession Post Education Number of people Monthly salary
需求專業 崗位 月薪
The trial period of the above positions is 3 months. When you join the company, you will pay six insurance and one gold. On Sunday, you will be offered a free class Chinese meal, a dormitory, annual paid vacation, public tour, holiday benefits, birthday gift, and Bole Award.
If you are interested, please contact Mr. Li.
Contact number:0533-3819589 13573366127
Address: No.169, Yumin Road, Zibo High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Shandong Province
Company website://www.rjial.com.cn
Candidates please send your resume to the mailbox:[email protected]
Email theme naming format: name + gender + job position
Resumes include: resume, work experience, various qualifications, etc.

We will notify you of the original and photocopy of your resume by SMS, email or phone to the designated location for the written test and interview.
Under the premise of full communication, the two parties signed a labor contract based on the principle of "two-way choice".
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